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 Latch Lactatio​​n 

Lactation Consults

In home Lactation Support

Full Medical History

Latch Assessment

Test Weights

Transfer Assurance

Pumping Assistance

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Loving Sleep

Gentle and holistic sleep support

The AAP Recommends babies be bedside and breastfed until 6 months.

Learn to navigate biologically normal sleep.

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Baby Bubblewrap

Infant/Child CPR and Choking

Pediatric First Aid

Baby Product Concerns

Car Seat Safety

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International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 

since 2009

Certified Car Seat Technician

AHA CPR Instructor

Certified Labor Doula

I'm passionate about supporting parents!

"Kristi helped us through the early stages of having an infant.  Even before we had our kiddo we took a bunch of her new parent classes and they were so helpful!  She was funny, fun to listen to, and her tips have stuck with me..."

Allen C. - Yelp

Before the Baby Shower

What do you need?  Why do you need it?  Is it safe?  What does the AAP recommend?  Where can I search for recalls?

Work with parenting advisor, Kristi Conroy, IBCLC, and build a safe and practical registry.  Infant CPR and Choking can be added to this class.

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"Kristi saved us.  We took our prenatal classes with her and felt very prepared.  When we got home with our 37 week baby, who wasn't feeding well, we panicked!  My husband called Kristi and she was able to see us the next day.  After test weights and latch adjustments, she left us with a feeding plan and contacted us the next day.  The followup appointments were so helpful.  We are so grateful to have found Kristi!"  David and Rebecca

Using Essential Oils Safely

Are you interested in oils?  I'm happy to help navigate using oils safely with your family.  

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Childbirth Preparation

What your baby does, what your body does and what you can do to prepare and navigate childbirth.

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Prenatal Breastfeeding

Busting myths and booby traps!

A science/research based class on how milk is made and how milk is moved.  Latching, pumping, storing -- this class covers it all!

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American Heart Association 2 Year Certification Class

Need a CPR/Universal Precautions Certification?

Easy and fun class in a small group atmosphere.

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